APA NYC Annual Conference


In November 2018, we hosted a panel session on housing innovations in American Planner Association (APA) NYC Metro Chapter Annual Conference. Our panel “Arrival House: an Integrated Co-Living Model for New Arrivals to NYC” focuses on housing and neighborhood revitalization with a strong focus on inclusiveness for an immigrant population. Four domain experts in affordable housing joined us, including Brian Baldor (Director of Design Consultations and Strategies, NYC HPD), Claire Flurin (Director of CO-LIV), John Woelfing (Dattner Architects), and Silky Misra (Chhaya Community Development Corporation). We had a lively discussion on co-live and its potential in NYC from architecture, urban planning, policy, and community development aspects. During this panel, we addressed three key elements on housing innovation:

  • PEOPLE: who are the people with demands for innovative housing and what are their socioeconomic and cultural characteristics?
  • PRODUCT: what is the actual product to deliver regarding design, cost, and construction?
  • PROCESS: what is the process to realize innovative housing projects, regarding planning, financial, political, and operational considerations?


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