Future Housing: A Co-live Scenario

How can we redesign and rethink housing to better integrate the arrival of immigrants to their new city? Recently I finished a one-year fellowship with Urban Design Forum investigating escalating housing issues in New York City. My teammates and I presented a co-live scenario as  Arrival House for future housing. This project proposes a co-live scenario with integrated services for the early transition of new arrivals to New York City. It empowers new immigrants to achieve a sustained, enriched, and quality living experience.  We introduce the concept of co-living, regarding its historical precedents, current market, and potential opportunities for immigrant housing in NYC.

We prototype CO-LIVE as a new housing typology at the unit, building, and neighborhood scales with design principles and planning strategies. Finally, we validate this prototype by working collaboratively with a local housing advocacy organization for a proposed site in Richmond Hill, Queens.



For more information, please visit Urban Design Forum: Arrival House.


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